All For You - Yovi

All For You is a song released by LLR star, Yovi, The song was produced by 2Flexing with Hawaiian Guitars by Funsho, live Sax by Ozedikus, bass guitars by Martinsbass, and Talking Drums by Ara. It was mixed & Mastered by Marqaimix. Listen and download.


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    All For You For You_1515569544.jpg Yovi <p><strong>All For You</strong> is a song released by LLR star, <a href="../../artist/songs/108/yovi">Yovi</a>,&nbsp;The song was produced by&nbsp;<strong>2Flexing</strong>&nbsp;with Hawaiian Guitars by&nbsp;<strong>Funsho</strong>, live Sax by&nbsp;<strong>Ozedikus</strong>, bass guitars by&nbsp;<strong>Martinsbass</strong>, and Talking Drums by&nbsp;<strong>Ara</strong>. It was mixed &amp; Mastered by&nbsp;<strong>Marqaimix</strong>. <strong>Listen and download.</strong></p>

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